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Chinese Hacky Sack Shop Thea Shop Solar Chargers Shop

We have seen Chinese Hacky Sack, or Shuttlecock as it is known Internationally, grow in popularity all over the world, and are the official supplier of Shuttlecock to the USA Shuttlecock Association. Wholesale Quantities Available! Start your own business with these brightly colored sports items/toys! Check out our full line of Freestyle and Competition style Shuttlecock in our Chinese Hacky Sack Shop.

Chinese Hacky Sack - Shuttlecock Single Units - with FREE Video DVD!

(Great soccer training tool, and all round fun!)

Competition Style Chinese Hacky Sack - Shuttlecock - Single Value Pack - With FREE Video DVD

For more details of this growing sport, or to join the online forum and get started with a group in your area, visit The US Shuttlecock Association at:


We carry a full line of tea bags and loose tea. Below are a few of this month's specials. For our complete selection, check our Tea Shop.

Loose Oolong Tea In Decorative Canister - 6 Oz - 170g

Read about the health and weight loose benefits of Oolong Tea

XiaMen Jasmine Tea - 20 Bags

Will ship within 1-2 business days.

1/2 lb Loose Chamomile Tea

This Item Discounted: 25%

Looking for power anywhere? We have 3 lines of solar chargers that can help you go GREEN Today! For our complete line check our Solar Charger Shop.

Executive Universal Solar Charger (USC)

(Very powerful and flexible Solar Charger or most small electronic devices)

Mid-Level Universal Solar Charger - Red

Basic Universal Solar Charger (USC) - Silver

Customer Feedback on the Executive Universal Solar Charger (USC):

  • Bill in Maryland: I purchased two of these, and they have worked flawlessly. I keep one in the car, where it can charge all day while it is sitting in the parking lot, and so I have power for my cell phone wherever I drive. The other I keep in the window at home all day. When I arrive home at night, if my cell phone needs charging, I just plug it in and it charges all night. Excellent product.

  • Mary in CA: I wanted to feel like I was doing something to help promote a green earth. I also do a lot of hiking and camping, and so wanted something to power my GPS system while out on a hike. I just strap one of these onto my backpack while I am hiking and it charges all day. Then at night, I can charge up my GPS system no matter where I am. Great idea and solves a very simple problem.

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Use Asian ingredients to improve the performance in bed

Because labor is very cheap in Asia, Asians manufacture and export all kinds of items, from textiles, automotive products, plastics, furniture and electronics to food, toys, medical equipment and herbal supplements. According to http://atlas.media.mit.edu/profile/country/chn/, almost all non-Asian countries import something from Asia, because their stuff is a lot more affordable.

Many herbal supplements are imported from Asia or they are made of Asian ingredients. Herbs like Gingko Biloba and Ginseng are highly valued by scientists from all over the world because these plants originated from Asia offer numerous benefits for the health of the consumers.

Ginseng and Gingko Biloba are included in the formula of many herbal supplements. Because they improve the blood circulation in the body, enhance mental performances and offer relief to stress, Ginseng and Gingko Biloba are widely utilized in alternative medicine.

These two herbal extracts are amazing in treating erectile dysfunction and improving sexual performance in men, reason why they are included in the composition of many male enhancement products.

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One of these two plants imported from Asia, Ginseng, is known as natural Viagra. But unlike Viagra, Ginseng is a natural compound that will not cause any negative or unwanted side effects. Vimax pills are completely safe to use, while Viagra can cause unwanted consequences such as nausea, high blood pressure, pain chest, redness of face, temporary vision loss, headaches, stomach pain and even painful erections.

Because the ingredients of Vimax Male Enhancement increase the blood circulation in the penile, this constant increased blood flow will stimulate new cells development, hence the penis will become bigger, harder and firmer. Erectile dysfunction will be eliminated, libido will be improved, endurance and stamina will be increased, self-esteem will become higher and penis length will be with a few inches larger.

Although we import many things from Asia, solution offered by www.vimax.org is not one of them. Vimax Male Enhancement is formulated with herbal ingredients originated from Asia, but the pills are manufactured in Canada. Many doctors approve and recommend using Vimax Male Enhancement because these pills will offer a safe, natural and healthy male enhancement.

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